new gum for the new year.


It’s New Year’s Eve and it seems appropriate to post about one of my resolutions for 2014—cutting out aspartame. I consume very little aspartame already, but one source of aspartame I haven’t been able to kick is gum. Until I found PÜR Gum.

PÜR Gum is completely aspartame-free. Sweetened instead with the natural goodness of Xylitol, PÜR Gum gets its great taste from Mother Nature herself! A substance produced by corn, Xylitol has been found to aide in digestion, and even prevent tooth decay.

Not only does this gum taste good and have cute packaging—it is completely free of chemicals like aspartame. Instead of worrying what you are digesting between meals, you can be confident that you are actually helping to stop the growth of bad bacteria. Read more about the health benefits of Xylitol here.


It also makes a perfect gift for just about anyone because it is vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, nut free, diabetic friendly and dairy free. My favorite gum is wintergreen, but PÜR Gum also has three other tasty flavors: pomegranate mint, spearmint and peppermint. Currently you can find PÜR Gum on amazon, or check out their website to search for locations by zip code.

I’m looking forward to going into the New Year with aspartame-free gum to rely on. Cheers to a healthy 2014!

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