gluten and allergen free expo.


It seems like so long ago that I first discovered the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo—and it’s already here! Joe and I are headed to San Francisco next weekend to taste, learn and explore.

I am so excited for the GFAF Expo to discover new vendors and products, but also to attend the awesome lineup of classes on Saturday. Check out the schedule here. I promise to bring back any helpful information and share it with you all.

The list of vendors include all of our trusted brands we use on a daily basis, such as Udi’s, Glutino, Van’s and Earth Balance. One of the booths I’m most excited to visit is Pamela’s Products, where THE Pamela will be. How cool.

Check out the GFAF Expo on Facebook or Twitter to see if there is an expo coming near you this year!

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